April 10, 2018

FINLAND -  Has done genetic testing  on the, Volpino Italianos in Finland, and the company, MyDogDNA/Genoscoper laboratories has discovered a new gene error in the breed.

This gene error (when doubled) causes von Willebrand disease type 1 (vWD1) which can cause problems with blood coagulation.

There are three different types and this type 1 is the mildest one. This disease can be harmful and even lethal, for example if the sick dog is injured, giving birth or must have an operation at the veterinarian. You can live ordinary dog life with the carrier and even with the sick one if there is no need for operations or the sick dog doesn’t get wounded.

The vWD1 is an autosomal recessive sickness, so the dog can be genetically clear (G/G), carrier (G/a) or affected (a/a). So it is similar to the PLL –> the carriers of the gene are not sick by themselves, but their offspring can be sick if the other parent is a carrier (or affected) too.

We have not found any affected yet, but a couple of carriers. These carriers have some well-known Volpinos in their pedigree, for example Billj della Volpe Candida and William di S.Tommaso. Therefore, the von Willebrand 1 can be very common in our breed. To find out how widespread the disease is, we have to do these DNA tests.

The Finnish Volpino Italiano Association recommends that all the Volpinos are tested for vWD1 before used in breeding.

One parent must be clear, the other one can be clear, carrier or affected → Possible genotypes of the puppies:

-G/G (Clear) x G/G ->100% of the puppies clear
-G/G x G/a (Carrier) ->50% clear & 50% carriers
-G/G x a/a (Affected) ->100% carriers

In this way we can avoid the birth of sick puppies.

Now we are looking for a cooperation with the MyDogDNA (http://www.mydogdna.com/ ) to get a worldwide discount for the DNA tests on Volpinos.

Both PLL and vWD1 as well as almost 200 other diseases found in dogs are tested at the same time.

Has your Volpino Italiano had any problems with blood coagulation? If it has had, please contact me, the laboratory is interested to test your dog (for free).

Dogs which have been already tested by MyDogDNA:
- Is there a test result for vWD1 on the dog’s own profile?
- If there is, is the dog clear, carrier or affected?

You can answer me also privately; I will share the information only with our breeding committee.

Thank you for the collaboration!

Siiri Seesvaara 
The Chairman of the breeding committee of Finnish Volpino Italiano Association/rk