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Connecting Who's related to Who, 

Before 1985 


This data base is  primarily about PLL, "Primary Lens Luxation"  But you can use it for many things. You can look up an ancestor, see who their parents are further back than your pedigree goes, if they were not tested you can see who their puppies are and if they were tested. If Tested Clear then it's a  100% that both parents are PLL CLEAR or  50/50 chance one parent is PLL CLEAR and the other a CARRIER ...

IF AFFECTED, puppies most likely will be  AFFECTED,


You can see who the breeder was and who owned or owns the Volpino.

Since  Toy American Eskimo's actually came from Volpino's in Italy then they need to be tested as well. Testing is done through in MO. Their list is up to date with younger Volpino's then this data base....


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